Welcome to Café Literario

Welcome to the new Café Literario Blog!


Earlier this year we began this experiment called Café Literario. We wanted to read good books with good people. C.S. Lewis writes that beauty is made complete when we can finally share it with others. This is why reading in community gives us greater satisfaction. Not only do we read together to share the beauty and the power of words, but to allow the words that we read to really speak to us, to speak into our lives.


Reading is a transformational experience. While we take the initiative to read books, sooner or later the books are reading us – judging our hearts and our intentions. They show us our prejudices, they point us towards our deepest desires and they give us hope about what human flourishing could really be. This is why this transformational experience best takes place in community.


Will you join us? Will you be a part of our experiment? Will you read good books with good people? We’d love to have you!