The Literature of Resistance

In order to counter the hate, irrational distrust and the bigotry of today’s oligarchy, we will dedicate our first meeting in February to the literature of resistance.

Literature in a post-truth society reminds us that human suffering is real, people are not just statistics and that life is an endless search for meaning and purpose. Humans are not merely homo sapiens, rationally minded beings, but our humanness also finds expressions in what we most love and desire.

This month we will explore African-American folk music, both secular and spiritual. We will also read the powerful poetry of Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou.

Literature reminds us that there are narratives that are greater than nationalism, machismo, greed and the dehumanization caused by globalized capitalism. There is also love, hope and redemption awaiting a broken humanity.

You can download the PDF of this month’s readings here.

We will meet at Café Cortázar (José Antonio Cabrera 3739) at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 23rd on the second floor of the café. Our meeting will last approximately two hours.

To reserve a place at the table, please email

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