Ralph Ellison & the Invisible Man

Ralph Ellison was born in Oklahoma, U.S.A. on March 1, 1913. He was a novelist, literary critic and scholar who was first trained as a musician at the Tuskegee Institute from 1933 to 1936. His book, Invisible Man won the National Book Award in 1953. He later taught at the University of Chicago and Rutgers University. He died on April 16, 1994 in New York City.
We will read the Prologue to his highly acclaimed novel, Invisible Man. It was first published separately as a a piece of narrative fiction, can stand on its own. It gives us insight into a brilliant mind of the novelist and the plight of many African Americans in the U.S. before the civil rights movement.
You can access the PDF here: Prologue of the Invisible Man
We will meet on Tuesday night, April 24th at 7:30 pm at the Cafetería La Biela in Plaza Francia in Recoleta (near the Cemetery de Recoleta). The address: Av. Pres. Manuel Quintana 596. We will wait in front of the café until 7:30. Then we will go in a find a table on the right side of the coffee shop.
If you plan to attend, please send us an email and let us know you’re coming!